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Earth Tower Vertical Garden: It's All About The Space!
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Earth Tower Vertical Urban Garden made from wood and on wheels.

  • 4 Feet High  –  4 Sided VERTICAL GARDEN

  • 46 Feet of Garden Row in only a 2x2 Foot Space.

  • 300 LB. load-bearing base on wheels for easy moving and rotating.

  • Made of strong rot-resistant Cypress Wood; non-toxic stain.

  • Beautiful and stunning even before plants bloom and grow!

  • Easy to Water & Feed via Interior Reservoir

Earth Tower Fully Planted
  • Perfect for: Patios, Balconies, Decks, Small Yards, Sidewalks, Schools, Sunrooms, Poolside, Rooftops, Retirement Villages.

  • The Earth Tower grows A LOT of Flowers, Vegetables, Greens, Strawberries and Herbs!

  • Children and Grandchildren really enjoy the Earth Tower because they are eye-level with the plants.

  • People in wheelchairs, or
    those who can't bend down or lean over, get to enjoy
    gardening again!

"I can grow the heck outta this thing!"

~ Earth Tower customer

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Grow A Lot ... In A Little Space ...

Anywhere! ... With Vertical Gardening!

Illustration: How Earth Tower works
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