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Most Plants Thrive With Lots Of Ligh So Choose a Very Sunny Spot for Your Earth Tower Vertical Garden and Rotate Regularly.


Flowers, Vegetables, Strawberries and Herbs Love Lots of Sun, So Place Your Earth Tower Accordingly.

When used OUTSIDE be sure to keep your Earth Tower where it will receive the right amount of sun. Also be sure to give each face its fair share of sun by turning the unit on a regular basis. Earth Tower has wheels to make it easy!


The amount of sun that vegetables get is essential to success. When using the Earth Tower indoors, a good unobstructed south window is ideal, but west and east will also do. Angle the Earth Tower so that two adjacent sides get the sun. The other two sides can contain low-light plantings; or, if you want vegetables all around, give the planter a half-turn every day.


For indoor growing, you can also use a combination of natural and artificial light. Angle one side to sun (as explained above). At the opposite corner stand a vertical fixture containing two 48” fluorescent “gro-lights” or one warm and one cool ordinary 48” fluorescent tube. Place the fixture 6” from the base of the garden. Using an automatic timer, keep the lights on for 12-14 hours daily. Every other day, rotate the Earth Tower so the plants alternate between natural and fluorescent light.


NOTE: Always remember fluorescent light dries up the soil rapidly. Check it frequently and add water as necessary ... along with diluted plant food!


When Growing In An Earth Tower Vertical Garden, Maximize The Sun Or Vertical Grow Lights By Regularly Rotating Your Garden.

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