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It's Easy To Give Plants The Nutrients They Need! Just Pour Water and Plant Food Into The Feeding Reservoir of The Earth Tower Garden.

Plant Food

Give Plants In The Earth Tower the Nutrients They Need!

Remember that soil-less mixes contain few nutrients!

Fertilizing is a must.


Fortunately, the best method is the easiest – just add fertilizer to the water (greatly diluted) when you are filling the reservoir.


There are many excellent, well-balanced, water-soluble, organic plant fertilizers on the market.


Rather than following the manufacturers’ recommendations of application (typically every third or fourth watering), we recommend giving nutrients to your plants every time you water.


Cut the strength of the fertilizer solution equivalently. In other words, if it is recommended to fertilize every fourth watering, then add 1/4 as much fertilizer to your water as is recommended and apply every time you water. This way your plants receive a constant source of nutrients.


Feeding and Watering Earth Tower

When Feeding Plants In The Earth Tower Vertical Garden, Use 1/4 Recommended Plant Food and Apply With Every Watering.

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