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The Earth Tower Vertical Garden Is A Lean Green Strawberry Growing Machine!


Have Yourself A Strawberry Festival! The Earth Tower is a Lean Green Strawberry Growing Machine!

Earth Tower Strawberries

Have you ever grown your own strawberries? Now that you have an Earth Tower, you really must try them! Nothing you buy in the grocery store can compare with the taste of a sweet, juicy, fresh-picked strawberry.


Earth Tower supplies the perfect conditions for strawberries. They love plenty of moisture, good drainage, a rich growing medium (don’t forget the fertilizer in the water reservoir), and a place in the sun. For this, you’ll be rewarded with dozens of exquisite tiny white flowers, followed by the luxury of fragrant, luscious strawberries.


There are two types of strawberries: one produces berries in the spring only; a second type is “everbearing”, having two main crop – spring and fall ... plus a few berries over the summer.


A well-known characteristic of the strawberry plant is the production of runners once the fruiting is completed. New plants form at the ends of these runners, sending down their roots wherever they land. Needless to say, runners must be kept under control or they will take over the garden. However, some everbearing types are RUNNERLESS, and these are especially recommended for the Earth Tower.


When you buy your plants, look for freshly dug one-year stock. Leaves should be green and healthy-looking; and the roots (white or straw-colored), should appear sturdy and vigorous. Plant them just deep enough to cover the roots, leaving the crown of leaves above the soil line. Runnerless plants should be no closer than six inches apart.


There are many varieties of strawberries and your local nurseryman will be able to recommend the best for your area. Everbearing types planted in early spring will produce a light fall crop.


If you prefer the spring-bearing strawberry, plant at least 12 inches apart. Train the runner to fill in between plants, till they are six inches apart all over. Snip off all extra runners. In two or three years, replace the older plants with new ones from runners.


What to do when autumn arrives? If there is a nearby shed or garage with windows, push the Earth Tower in before the first hard freeze. Check it several times during the winter to make sure the soil has not dried out and refill the reservoir as necessary. Do NOT add fertilizer at this time.


Nothing Compares with the Sweetness and Taste of a Fresh-Picked Strawberry So Raise Them In Your Earth Tower Vertical Garden!

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