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EarthTower Garden indoor outdoor urban vertical tower garden for gardening

The Earth Tower Vertical Garden Can Be Used Indoors Using Natural Sunlight and/or Vertical Grow Lights.

Earth Tower Inside

More and More People Are Bringing Vertical Gardens Indoors.

Growing things indoors is easy. Just use the natural light offered by a sunny window. Another way is to use vertical grow-lights.


Because the Earth Tower is mounted on casters, it can be effortlessly rotated in any direction.


For your indoor garden, expose two faces to the window and give it a half turn every day so all sides get equal exposure.


See SOIL section for special potting mix suggestions.


Remember to place a small tray (a cookie sheet works well) underneath the base to catch any extra water drainage from the center drainage hole.

Growing Indoors with Earth Tower

EarthTower Vertical Garden made of wood and on wheels. Urban Gardener's Delight.

Grow Indoors with the Earth Tower Vertical Garden: Just Place in Front of Sunniest Window and Rotate Regularly.

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