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Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Hornworms Hit Up the Earth Tower

Lately, when I look at my tomato Earth Tower, these words keep popping in my mind, “Danger, Will Robinson.” For all you baby boomers out there, I think you know what I’m referring to — the robot with the terraced body and dangling arms in Lost In Space television show.

I should have known I needed to be heeding those words more carefully!

Why? Well, the warning signs were there, I just didn’t know it.

For the past several days, I’d been seeing these alien droppings below the Tomato Tower. And more mysterious still was that they were only on one side.

It wasn’t until today when the “poo” seemed especially plentiful that I took a closer look … Thankfully I deployed my “eagle eyes” because there, perfectly camouflaged among the tomato stems and leaves was a big fat TOMATO HORNWORM (yes, I had to look that up. It’s the larval stage of the hummingbird moth).

And only then did I also notice what a feast this creature had been having. Tons of tomato stems had already been “beheaded.”

“Buddy, I said, you’re beautiful (in your kind of grotesque way) but you’ve got to go.”

It did not appreciate, one bit, getting pried away from the dinner table. In fact, it started spitting green slime at me. Right out of Ghostbusters!

I relocated it to the woods well away from my Tomato Tower and hosed off the patio. Glad I did, because an hour later I went outside; and, lo and behold, there were more droppings.

I knew what to look for this time and quickly located the partner in crime. This one, after another green tomatoey-smelling spit match, was reunited with his buddy.

I’m writing this so that hopefully, if people see these droppings on their patios next to their tower gardens, quicker action can be taken to spare the tomatoes from torture… and Save The Salsa!

Happy … and SAFE … gardening! And Happy Eats (for you, not for the hornworms!)

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