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Watch These Videos To Learn How To Assemble, Fill and Plant Your Earth Tower Vertical Garden

Informative Videos

Below are some videos to help give you an introduction and helpful information about the EarthTower Garden. See how to Assemble, Fill and Plant your EarthTower!

Introduction To EarthTower

What are the health and beauty benefits of EarthTower? Why is it such a wonderful garden product ... especially for urban gardeners? What enhancements have been made to this new improved model? This short video gives you an introduction to EarthTower.

Assembling Your EarthTower

The EarthTower Garden is simple to assemble! All you need is a phillips head screwdriver. Check out this video to see how! And visit INSTRUCTIONS page for more helpful photos and tips!

Filling Your EarthTower

Watch this video to SEE HOW TO FILL Your EarthTower!


And visit INSTRUCTIONS page for more helpful photos and tips; and SOIL page for more detailed information.

Planting Your EarthTower

We offer lots of helpful information and planting charts to help you decide what you want to plant in your EarthTower Garden. Check out the PLANT page, and watch this video, "Planting Your EarthTower":

These Videos Demonstrate How Easy It Is to Assemble, Fill and Plant an Earth Tower Vertical Garden for Urban Food and Flowers

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