Patio Lounging with EarthTowers
Gardener's, Save Your Knees!
Flower Tower one month later
EarthTower Strawberry Blossoms
Kids Love Eye-Level Gardening
Grow Edible Nasturtiums!
Freshly Planted EarthTower
EarthTower From Seed: 3 Weeks Growth
EarthTower From Seed: 5 Weeks Growth
Sweet Baby Turnips
Gooooood Salad Fixins'
Learning and Teaching Gardening
Herbs, UT Flowers and Veggies
It just keeps growing!
Earth Tower poolside
Veggies, Herbs and Flowers
It Just Keeps Growing and Growing!
Fundraising for Garden Clubs
Adding Garden Flair to Farmhouse
Making the most of Condo backyard
U. of Tennessee Kitchen Garden
Herbs and Flowers grown from seeds.
Tomato Tower - Early Season

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