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The Watering and Feeding Reservoir in the Earth Tower Vertical Garden Provides a Carefree Internal Watering System.


How To Best Water Plants In The Earth Tower Vertical Garden:


In areas of high mineral and salt content in the water systems, it is best to water your Earth Tower with rain water, distilled water, or filtered water. Otherwise, your Earth Tower Garden should be “flushed-out” by an occasional overwatering (until water runs freely out the bottom) or by leaving the garden unit out in a soaking rain. This will help remove the buildup of too many salts and minerals. There is no need to remove plants while doing this.


NOTE:  “Flushing” your Earth Tower is also a good idea occasionally if there is a buildup of too many nutrients from over-fertilizing.


If you’re growing organically then you’ll be working to build up beneficial microorganisms in your growing mixture to benefit plant growth. Many municipal water supplies contain plenty of chlorine which can kill these helpful microbes. If you fill your container of water and allow to sit for 24 hours, the chlorine in the water will dissipate into the air. OR for the convenience of watering with your hose, you may want to invest in a garden hose filter that will filter out the chlorine immediately.



The watering and feeding reservoir of the Earth Tower provides a carefree, internal self-watering system. Water slowly seeps through the tiny holes of the feeding reservoir, moistening the entire mass of the soil-less mixture.


For seeds, sprouts and new starter plants, you'll need to spray mist them until they form a good rooting system. Spray with a spray bottle or attach a spray head or wand directly to your hose. We like using the wands that offer a "MIST" setting.


How often should you water your Earth Tower? This will depend on the season, the amount of rainfall, and how much direct sun the Earth Tower receives. During the cooler Spring months with regular rainfall, a once-a-week watering with nutrients will keep your plants thriving.


If the weather is extremely hot and dry and your Earth Tower receives a lot of daily sun, the Earth Tower may need to be watered once a day. Here's another time when your plants will appreciate a cool hydrating mist either in the morning or the evening light.


A good rule of thumb is to regularly check the upper rows. When the surface begins to feel dry and fluffy, it’s time for a refill.




You’ll find that the lower half of the garden remains more moist than the top, so you can place your plants according to the amount of water required. 


Less water will be used when plants are small; more frequent watering is needed as plants grow.





  • When seeds are planted in the Earth Tower, it will be necessary to water the individual rows from the outside until the seeds have germinated and established root systems.

  • Going on vacation? Fill the reservoir twice a day for two or three days just before you leave. As long as the weather is not too hot and/or your Earth Tower gets some shade during the day, this should hold your plants for a week or two (depending on weather and season). No need to hire a plant sitter.


With The Earth Tower Vertical Garden Internal Watering System, You Can Leave On Vacation and Keep Your Plants Moist While You're Gone.

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