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Grow A Pyramid Of Houseplants In Your Earth Tower Vertical Garden.


Imagine a pyramid of houseplants!

Earth Tower Houseplants

Sooner or later, most houseplant lovers discover they are running out of room for all those little pots! How to solve this problem and at the same time create a smashing effect of massed greenery is simple – put ‘em in your Earth Tower!



Just think of the impact of cascading vines, perky rosettes of leaves and swaying fronds! No more caring for all those individual plants, either, wondering if you forgot to water this one or fertilize that one. They are far easier to care for in one garden unit.



Place moisture-loving plants in the bottom half of the garden; those that prefer drier soil on top. All of the above will be happy in an east or west exposure, or even good bright north light. For the most even growth, it’s best to give the garden a quarter turn every other day.



Perhaps you have some of these plants growing in large pots, too big to be transplanted. Don’t fret! Most of them can be propagated by stem cuttings, which will root right in the Earth Tower and continue to grow into beautiful new plants.



Using a sharp knife or razor, cut off a 2-3” stem segment, just below a leaf. Slice off the bottom leaf or two and insert this part of the stem into the soil-less growing mixture. Firm it up around the stem. Within a couple of weeks it will root, and your new plant will begin to grow.



To hasten the rooting process, dip the end of the stem into a powdered rooting hormone before planting. The lower sections are best for cuttings since moisture level is constant.


Just as in other containers, your pyramid of houseplants will benefit from a daily misting.

Almost any vining or trailing plant, as well as the small bushy type, is perfect for the EarthTower.
Here are some we recommend:


  • Aluminum Plant

  • Artillery Plant

  • Baby Tears

  • Creeping Charlie

  • Creeping Fig

  • Small Ferns

  • English Ivy

  • Grape Ivy

  • Hoya

  • Inch Plant

  • Kangaroo Vine

  • Nest Hahnii

  • Panamiga

  • Panda Plant

  • Pellonia

  • Peperomia

  • Small-leafed Philodendron

  • Piggyback Plant

  • Pothos

  • Rosary Vine

  • Strawberry Begonia

  • Swedish Ivy

  • Wandering Jew

Bring In The Green! With A Pyramid Of Houseplants In Your Earth Tower Vertical Garden.

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