My partner and I formed Earth Tower in 2014 and when he died in 2017, I went real deep and quiet for quite a while … and let Earth Tower Garden rest as well.


As with all things, life comes back; and the Earth Towers are ready to rise again. Get them now at a zero-profit price. Sheltered in place? Grow a garden!

Thank you for considering an Earth Tower Garden. It is unique; it is beautiful; and we have a thousand happy customers.


DISCLOSURES: the Earth Towers in stock were not manufactured to exact specifications or quality, and the towers are a little more challenging to assemble.


To counteract these imperfections, the price has been chopped to zero-profit ($40 shipping fee is covered); and there's a simple tool now in every shipment that will help a lot ... along with enhanced instructions and really helpful customer service.


All parts and pieces are included in your package. If you are missing any part/piece, contact me and I will make it right.


As one of our customers exclaimed, "You can grow the heck outta this thing!" Why? Because it holds 5 cubic feet of planting mix, and plants love all that soil to grow in. Be prepared to purchase, mix, and moisten 5 cubic feet of planting mix (this site provides helpful recommendations and recipes). Your planting mixture will last you many years.


There is an abundance of information and tips in this website to increase your success and enjoyment. 


Thank you for adding more gardens to the world no matter what containers or planters you choose!


Blessings and happy gardening!

~ Dorie

Best gift for gardeners, urban gardeners  and those interested in vertical gardens.


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Join us in getting more gardens into the world!