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Choosing Which Plants For Your Earth Tower Vertical Garden Is Really Fun ... Flowers! Strawberries! Vegetables! Herbs! Houseplants! Succulents! Cacti!

Plant Your Earth Tower

And Now, What Are You Going To Plant in Your Earth Tower Garden?

There are so many possibilities! All Earth Tower Gardens have such large growing areas that you can put in many different types of plants, vegetables, flowers and herbs. Your own personal preference, plus the amount of light, are your only limitations.


You may be thinking of the Earth Tower with one particular planting idea in mind. You’ll, however, be amazed at the number of different ways it can be used. For example:

Earth Tower Flowers


  • Create a unique display of brilliantly flowering plants on your patio or balcony or in a sunny window.
Earth Tower Strawberries


  • Grow a portable strawberry patch and harvest strawberries daily.
Earth Tower Mixed Vegetables


  • Use it as a vegetable garden – City dwellers can now enjoy homegrown fresh salads  ... picked right from a sunny terrace, undersized backyard or large south-facing window.
Earth Tower Mixed Herbs


  • Cultivate a fragrant, leafy herb garden.
Earth Tower houseplants


  • Show off a cascade of your favorite houseplants.
Earth Tower Cacti


  • Display your exotic cactus collection.

Or use a combination of any of the above! Try something different on each of the four sides!


Think up some new ideas of your own! You are always assured of a stunning plant display and good, healthy eating as well!

Flowers, Vegetables, Herbs, Strawberries, Houseplants and Even Cacti All Thrive in The Earth Tower Vertical Garden.

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