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How To Keep Your Earth Tower Vertical Garden Growing All Year Round

Earth Tower In Winter

It’s a shame to let everything go with the first hard frost, so start doing something about it in August and September.


Even if your wax begonias and impatiens are not dwarf varieties, you can keep them cut down to manageable size. Lift up a few of your best specimens, taking care not to destroy the root system. Prune them back severely and plant in the Earth Tower, allowing an entire planting row to each.


Place in a sunny spot and watch them sprout back.


Within weeks, they will be loaded with blossoms that will continue throughout the winter. If they grow too unwieldy, pinch them back into shape.


As for the branches you originally pruned off, propagate them in another row. Remove all flowers and buds from the branch, then trim off the bottom leaves. Dip into a rooting hormone, push into the soil and firm it around the stem.


Within a couple weeks, roots will have formed and you’ll have more new plants.


Take in some of your other small outdoor flowers and keep them going through the winter.


Even those that like it shady outside require sun once they move indoors; so set the garden near a glass sliding door or in front of your sunniest window.


If you have chosen to plant your Earth Tower full of Strawberries, simply wheel your Earth Tower into a garage or shed. Then bring your garden back outside once the warm weather returns. You'll be eating fresh strawberries again in the Spring!



Bringing Earth Tower inside for the winter

Preserve Your Outdoor Plants by Planting Cuttings Into The Earth Tower Vertical Garden So They Can Continue Through The Winter.

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