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Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Are your plants wilting under the hot summer sun with no rain relief in sight?

Are you living with water restrictions because of drought conditions?

There is a way to grow a SUBSTANTIAL garden in just a small area of your patio or yard while using very little water.

A typical gardening rule of thumb is to make sure your plants get at least an inch of water every week. And if the weather is hot and dry, plants will need at least two inches of water every week.

So what does this mean? It means that a 10 ft. x 10 ft. garden plot would require 60 gallons of water a week to keep plants thriving… or 120 gallons in very hot, dry weather. That’s a lot of water!

Now consider using an Earth Tower Vertical Garden. To water an Earth Tower, simply lift off the top cover and pour ONE GALLON of water into the internal reservoir. That’s It! You have now watered 46 feet of garden row in which you can grow A LOT of plants.

Hard to believe? Visit our GALLERY page at to see plenty of Earth Towers thriving on just ONE GALLON OF WATER A DAY (or less!).

Again, during hot dry weather, fill your Earth Tower reservoir with one gallon of water every day. During the cooler Spring and Fall months or during periods of healthy rain, one to two gallons of water PER WEEK is all that is needed!


1) Use a “soil-less” potting mix composed of elements like Peat Moss and/or Coconut Coir that help retain more moisture.

2) Amend your potting mix with elements that also help retain moisture. Vermiculite and Perlite are often added to potting mixes to keep the soil light. Vermiculite is moisture retaining; whereas perlite is not, so choose accordingly.

Some potting mixes come with moisture-retaining gels and chemicals called “wetting agents” … most of which are not organic certifiable. Consider a more natural solution such as an extract from the Yucca plant. NATURE'S CARE ORGANIC POTTING MIX (sold by Home Depot and other retailers) is an easy-to-find solution with peat moss, coconut coir and yucca extract.

Still not convinced to garden the Earth Tower way? Then here are …


1. MAXIMUM PLANTS; MINIMUM SPACE Vertical Gardening allows you to plant and enjoy a maximum number of plants in a minimum area of floor space. The Earth Tower provides 46 feet of garden row in only a 2x2 foot space.

2. SIMPLE ASSEMBLY To assemble Earth Tower: Snap in the wheels; secure 4 screws at the bottom and 4 screws at the top; and then slide in the slats. Before you know it, you’re ready to start gardening! 3. WHEELED BASE TO MOVE & ROTATE Earth Tower is equipped with snap-in ballbearing caster wheels to easily move and rotate your garden in all directions. Take full advantage of available sun! Move your garden inside in case of severe weather! Insure equal lighting on indoor gardens! 4. BEAUTY! The Earth Tower is made of strong, rot-resistant, weather-resistant cypress wood with an attractive non-toxic stain. Unlike the plastic vertical gardens on the market, Earth Tower is like a stunning garden temple adding beauty even before your plants begin to bloom. 5. EASY TO WATER & FEED Earth Tower’s food-safe watering and feeding reservoir provides an even supply of water and nutrients to the plants FROM THE INSIDE of the tower. This eliminates wetting of leaves, reducing the conditions which encourage the development of fungus diseases. Going on vacation? Fill the reservoir twice a day for two or three days just before you leave. This should hold your plants for a week or two. No need to hire a plant sitter!

6. DRAINAGE – NOT DAMAGE Improper drainage is probably THE MAJOR problem in container gardening. When soil becomes waterlogged, air is excluded from the roots and they begin to rot. The Earth Tower’s base is specially designed to funnel excess water out through the drainage hole. It is almost impossible to overwater! 7. ROOTS & PLANTS THRIVE Earth Tower’s loosely packed planting medium lets your plant roots roam and grow without excessive resistance or pressure from surrounding soil. 8. ELECTRICITY-FREE Earth Tower uses a soil-less growing medium so it doesn’t require any ugly electrical cords to operate a noisy pump. 9. ACCESSIBILITY The Earth Tower stands 4 feet tall and is easy to move and rotate. People in wheelchairs or people who have difficulty bending or leaning down find gardening in The Earth Tower an enjoyable, accessible experience ... and much easier on the body! 10. GROW DIRECTLY FROM SEEDS You can grow from seeds or starter plants. SEEDS are much less expensive and can be sown directly into the Earth Tower. Watch your healthy, organic plants sprout and grow!

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